THE BOLSHOI BALLET: Season Overview 12-13



La Sylphide Sun. 30 September 2012 4 pm
Swan Lake Sun. 21 October 2012 4 pm
The Pharaoh’s Daughter Sun. 25 November 2012 3 pm
The Nutcracker Sun 16  December 2012 3 pm
La Bayadere Sun  27 January 2013 3 pm
Don Quixote Sun. 10 February 2013 3 pm
The Rite of Spring 
Sun. 31 March 2013 4 pm
Romeo & Juliet Sun. 12 May 2013 4 pm

2012-13 season overview

The legendary Bolshoi Ballet’s new HD season brings  eight  ballets epitomising the magnificence and unique style of the great Russian Ballet tradition to a record number of venues  in Ireland.

Two classic  fairy-tale Ballets open the season:  La Sylphide, a tale of a young man who falls in love with a fairy nymph,  and the ever-popular Swan Lake with glorious music by Tchaikowsky. These are followed by  two great ‘Exotic Spectacle ‘ ballets from the golden age of Russian ballet :  The Pharoah’s Daughter,  set in Egypt, and La Bayadere (the temple dancer) set in India.

In between these two  is a return of the perennial Christmas  favourite ‘The Nutcracker’, and they are followed by another classic,  Don Quixote.  Based on the famous  Cervantes novel , this is the gentle comedy of a doting, short sighed  romantic determined to do great knightly deeds – with disastrous results.

The season ends with two completely contrasting  great early 20th century ballets. Being performed 100 years after the riots at its famous Paris premiere, Stravinsky’s hugely energetic The Rite of Spring tells a wild and savage story of pagan fertility rites and the human sacrifice of  young girl who dances herself to death. In complete contrast,  Prokofiev’s beatiful music to the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet has made it one of the most popular ballets of the twentieth century , and brings the season to a romantic ending.

The Bolshoi Live in HD 2012-13 Season  – Production Summaries

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La Sylphide  (LovenSkiold/Nourrit/Taglioni)

Sun 30th September 2012  – 4pm              Live transmission
Full production details and video
A  classic fairy-tale ballet, la Sylphide is a story of James, a betrothed young Scotsman who falls in love with a beautiful but untouchable fairy-creature. He banishes  a witch who tells his bride-to-be of his infatuation, but on his wedding day , flees after the nymph when she reappears. His jealous friend claims the bride-to be, and the witch takes her revenge on James through an evil trick…

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Swan Lake  (Tchaikowsky/Petipa)

Sun 21st October 2012     4pm                 Recorded live, deferred transmission
Full production details and video
One of the most enduringly popular ballets of all time, and written for the Bolshoi Ballet,  Swan lake has it all:  Gloriously rich and memorable music by Tchaikowsky, an achingly romantic fairy-tale story, and choreography which succeeds in capturing all of the elegance of one of nature’s most graceful creatures – from the famous corps de ballet flocking of swans on the lake to the dying swan solo at the ballet’s end.

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The Pharaoh’s Daughter  (Pugni/Saint-Georges/Petipa)   

Sun 25th November 2012   – 3pm               Live transmission
Full production details and video
An immensely popular and  grandiose  ’spectacular’  ballet when it was first produced for the Bolshoi in 1862 . The Pharaoh’s Daughter tells an exotic tale of a young Englishman at an Egyptian princess’s tomb . He is transported into the past , meets and  falls in love with the princess , but has the dangerous complication of her betrothal to the Nubian king to deal with…

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The Nutcracker  (Tchaikovsky/Petipa)* Deferred to 6th Jan. ’13    

Sun 16th December 2012   -3pm                Recorded live , deferred transmission
Full production details and video
The perennial family Christmas favourite of toys coming to life.  On Christmas Eve, Marie’s Godfather offers her a nutcracker in the shape of a soldier. After the celebrations a miracle happens :  the Christmas tree begins to grow  and the toys all come to life.  All the toy soldiers are under the nutcracker’s command, and they fly to Marie’s rescue as she is threatened by an army of mice.

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La Bayadere (Minkus/Petipa/Khudekov) 

Sun 27th January 2013   – 3pm                     Live transmission
Full production details and video
Another of the great ballets of the Russian tradition, La Bayadere ( the Temple Dancer) is an exotic story of love and intrigue in India. Nikiya, a young temple dancer,  swears her love to a young warrior. The High Brahmin wants Nikiya for himself and tells the all-powerful Rajah about the  affair. The Rajah had decided that the warrior would marry his own daughter, so he makes a deadly intervention….

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Don Quixote  (Minkus/Petipa)             

Sun 10th February 2013  –  3pm                  Recorded live, deferred transmission
Full production details and video
One of the most charming and amusing of all 19th century romantic Russian ballets. Don Quixote tells the famous tale of the obsessive, romantic, shortsighted and eccentric elderly man determined  to revive chivlarly on an adventurous quest.  All sorts of hilarious scrapes  ensue when his high-minded idealism confronts humdrum reality.

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The Rite of Spring  (Stravinsky/Nijinsky)                       

Sun 31st March 2013     4pm  Live transmission  PRODUCTION CANCELLED
Full production details and video
 Statement  :

“The Directorship of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia with the production crew headed by the choreographer Wayne McGregor have come to a join decision to postpone of the production “Rite of spring” due to the fact that the artistic director of the ballet company of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia Mr.Sergei Filin is hospitalized. The date of the production will be determined after the artistic Director of the ballet returns back to the theatre”.

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Romeo & Juliet (Prokofiev/Radlov/Piotrovsky)

Sun 12th May 2013  –   4pm                          Live transmission
Full production details and video
Prokofiev’s great ballet based on Shakespeare’s timeless love story of two young lovers from feuding families is one of the most popular ballets in the world. In his new (2010) Bolshoi choreography, the character of Juliet has been developed by the great Yuri Grigorovitch from his personal meories of Natalia Bessmertnova – his first Juliet, and main inspiration.
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